Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turn It Up

It's finally here! Turn It Up, Book 4 of the Grassroots series, and my first m/m, is out today!

When Andy, the Pride Enforcer, sends out a call for new Lieutenants, he doesn't expect so many young lions to respond. Especially not Damian and Chad who've spent their whole lives competing against one other. They both yearn to be the best at everything, and while they have different reasons for wanting to be a Lieutenant, they will stop at nothing to get this dream status.

Damian and Chad are shocked when the Enforcer puts them on the same team. They have to live together, train together, and the more time they spend together the less they can ignore what they've both been fighting for over the past few months: their lions are attracted to each other. They keep pushing them together, sexual tension running higher than ever.

What do you do when you feel yourself falling in love for your mortal enemy? Do you run? Do you lie down and accept the inevitable? Or do you fight it as best you can? If you're Damian and do all three.

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Turn It Up will be followed by Heat It Up (f/f) and Mix It Up (m/f/m). This trilogy will more or less take place during the same period of time and will be linked, plot-wise. It's a bit tricky to write but I hope you'll like it!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Release: A Question of Trust (BDSM/Rubenesque)

BDSM / Rubenesque


Maxine has a problem. She has to seduce a man she doesn’t know and steal from him once he’s asleep. And not only is Dylan the most handsome man she’s ever seen, he’s also into bondage and BDSM and all that stuff she’s never even thought to try.

When he falls into her trap and they spend the night together, something sparks between them. Dylan must have felt it too, because he asks her to go back to L.A. with him to become his submissive. Eager to get away from the men coercing her, Maxine jumps at the opportunity.

Dylan is a tough man to please, but under his hard touch, Maxine soon blossoms. But her enemies are near, and her secrets difficult to hide. When disaster strikes, it’s up to Maxine to prove she’s worthy of Dylan’s trust. For better or worse.


Ready or not, here I come, you can’t hide… The song kept repeating in Maxine’s head as she stared at the handsome stranger over her Kindle.
He’d been staring moodily into the distance for the past few hours, his fingers squeezed tight around his glass as if he was afraid to let go. He wore a black suit that accentuated his wide shoulders and lean hips. He had short dark hair and clear eyes, green or gray, she couldn’t say for sure. He was seriously handsome, even with that perma-frown on his face.
He was the man she’d been looking for, the one she was supposed to steal from. Of course, he needed to notice her first.
She kept on watching as he sighed and brought the tumbler to his lips, taking one long gulp before slamming it back down onto the marble-covered tabletop. She winced at the sound and too late realized he’d seen her grimace. He shook his head, the gesture resembling an apology, and yet, he went straight back to staring at nothing.
It was her turn to sigh. She knew she wasn’t really the type of woman men hit on at bars, but surely tonight should be different.
She had instructions, after all. How on earth could they have considered her perfect for this job? She didn’t even look the part, she thought as she stared at her surroundings. But they’d been adamant he’d take the bait and lead her to that box. What was inside was worth a lot more than what she supposedly owed them. One night, and she’d be free of them.
Maybe she should have thought this through a little more and come up with a plan that consisted of more than just her acting as if she was entirely focused on her book. Because right now her plan sounded as bad as she was feeling.
She put her e-reader down and felt her neck twitch. That’d teach her to sit here unmoving for hours. She brought her hands up and kneaded the back of her neck, running her fingers up into her hair. She took the ponytail holder off and shook her hair down her back. Now that felt better already.
Looking up with a contented smile, she froze when she noticed his eyes on her. Their gazes locked. She watched, her eyes widening, as he stood up and stopped by her table. His voice just above a whisper, he said, “I’m in Room 1001,” and strode off.
She blinked and turned around, watching his back as he left the bar. Wow. She sure hadn’t been expecting that one. That had been almost too easy. Hoping her karma wouldn’t change, she grabbed her purse, dropped her Kindle in it and quickly stood up.
I did it!
The buoyant feeling lasted until she stood in front of the hotel room he’d indicated. It was located on the penthouse level and just one look around her reminded her know how badly she fit her surroundings.
They’d given her money to spend the night in the hotel, but she had the cheapest room available. Still, she hadn’t been in a hotel in so long it was quite a novelty. If she closed her eyes and forgot about everything else, she could almost believe she was on vacation somewhere fun. If only…
I should just go, she thought as she hooked her bag higher on her shoulder. Her gaze drilling a hole into the door only inches from her face, she remained immobile as she pondered her options. Not that she had any, really. She had no choice but to play nice with Dylan…Stevens.
Yes, that was his name. She remembered it from the fact sheet they’d handed her that afternoon. He’d just turned forty, was a lawyer of some kind in California and was only in town for the weekend. That meant she had to succeed from the get go. Lucky her.
She sighed. He might be a handsome man, but it still didn’t mean she wanted to do this. She wasn’t a whore, damn it! How was she going to act if he tied her up?
The file had also mentioned he was a bondage master, and she’d had to Google it just to make sure she wasn’t going crazy. The man was into BDSM. She’d even watched videos and, oh my God, she really shouldn’t have.
She didn’t like pain. Really, she didn’t. She’d never really been adventurous in bed, even with her ex-husband. Maybe this was payback. Maybe she should have tried all this naughty stuff before. Maybe tonight would have been easier then.
No! She had to do this. She had to. She would say yes to everything he proposed and hope he went to sleep soon after. At least he was handsome. That was something, right? And the file said he was rich, both from his chosen profession and from inheriting his family’s estate.
Tall, dark, rich, handsome. What could go wrong? He sounded perfect on paper.
She could do this. She totally could.
She watched her right hand rise and knock on the heavy wooden door, staring as it opened almost immediately and revealed the man from downstairs.
He’d obviously used the time he’d had to make himself comfortable. He was still wearing suit pants, but the jacket was gone, the shoes too.
He stood there and looked at her in silence, so she took the opportunity offered and admired his body. Smooth white cotton stretched over his wide torso, the few buttons he’d opened at the neck showing his tanned skin. Her gaze drew down and stopped for a few seconds around his middle. Oh my.
“See anything interesting?” he asked then, his voice gruff.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Come Play

Erotica for Men

All Romance eBooks (login required)


When Gregory finds his girlfriend Aly waiting for him one evening, naked and with her hand between her thighs, he can't believe his luck. When it happens again a week later--this time with Aly bent over the desk in his study--he figures he's got the best girlfriend in the world!

But even Gregory is shocked at Aly's next surprise. Oh, she's once again naked and eager-but not alone. She's kissing and caressing a woman he's never seen before, a young blonde who's so hot he can't take his eyes off her. When they tell him they've been waiting for him, Gregory's more than ready to...Come Play. 


Gregory rounded a corner and stopped short.
His girlfriend was on the sofa, her gaze intent on the TV in front of her. The sound was turned low, but even if he hadn’t taken a quick look at the screen he’d have known what she was watching right away. The low moans and husky growls were a dead giveaway.
Aly was naked with one hand between her widespread thighs.
His dick twitched, as eager as he was to join her and start having some fun. He should have known she had something planned by the way she’d looked at him this morning. There had been a glint in her eyes when she’d kissed him goodbye, an extra sway to her hips as she’d walked to her car.
He leaned back against the doorjamb and quickly loosened his tie, never taking his eyes off her.
He watched as her left hand came up to pinch her nipple.
She didn’t let go for long seconds, her skin a bright red when she finally slid her palm down. It skimmed the rounded curve of her stomach, brushed the soft strip of curls hiding her pussy from view.
She let out a soft sigh and closed her eyes.
Gregory was thrown back to the night before and how hot and wet she’d felt, how fucking tight she’d been around his pounding cock. She’d screamed her head off too, even biting his shoulder when her climax had hit. It’d felt so amazing, he’d come right there and then.
He glanced at the TV screen and the hardcore movie she was watching. A hot blonde was on her back with her legs wide open, another woman eating her pussy while a man fucked her mouth.
The actress was the stereotypical porn star. Inflated tits, tanned skin, long hair that always got caught everywhere. She wasn’t really his type, but he had to admit she looked fucking sexy. His girlfriend sure seemed to agree.
He caught the movement of her hips from the corner of his eye and turned back to her, only to notice she’d curled two fingers and slid them into her pussy when he wasn’t watching.
He drank in the sight, his palms itching to touch her, to feel how wet she was already. She was obviously waiting for him and yet he couldn’t seem to make himself move and go to her. He wanted to see how far she would take this.
Fuck, just the thought of watching her make herself come was enough to make him sweat.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come Play has a release date!

Come Play is to be released on 16 March as part of the new Ellora's Cave line of erotica for men, EC for Men. This will be my first piece written specifically for guys, so I'm quite eager to see what people think. 

Writing it has been a lot of fun though. It's definitely different writing from a guy's POV but also quite liberating. 

As you can see from the blurb, it's seriously hot too!

When Gregory finds his girlfriend Aly waiting for him one evening, naked and with her hand between her thighs, he can’t believe his luck. When it happens again one week later and he finds her in the study, bent over his desk wearing a tiny plaid skirt, he figures he’s got the best girlfriend in the world.

But even he is shocked at Aly’s next surprise. Oh she’s naked and eager as always, but she’s also not alone. She’s kissing and caressing a woman he’s never seen before, a young blonde who looks so hot he can’t take his eyes off her. When they tell him they’ve been waiting for him, he’s more than ready to play…one more time.

Now I just need to find how/where to promote it. Any suggestions welcome!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Song of the week: No Regrets - Dappy

Because I can't possibly listen to this song without turning the volume on loud.

This week has been very difficult for various reasons, but I find that music always helps. So listen...and turn it up!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dark circles and all...

I always knew this year would be busy. After all, you can't juggle a full-time job, family life and writing for several publishers without losing a bit of sleep. And yet, I'm certain this will be all worth it.

It looks like I'll have one book out every month this year. How crazy is that?

Right now I'm writing Live It Up (Grassroots #3) and editing Come Play (my first Ellora's Cave for Men short story) and A Question of Trust (a BDSM short novel, also for EC). 

My goal is to one day write full-time. And the more I write, the closer I get to that goal. So what if I have dark circles under my eyes? 

I'm just starting a new trend! ;)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be Careful What You Wish For is out now!

Erotic Short
Contemporary Romance / BDSM / Rubenesque

When Connor asks Felicity what she wants for their first wedding anniversary, she shocks the hell out of him by saying she wants to try rough sex.

But as Connor jumps on the opportunity and turns into someone she’s no longer sure she knows, Felicity wonders if maybe she shouldn’t have been more careful in what she wished for…
“You’ve been naughty. Very, very naughty.”

Felicity bit her bottom lip at her husband’s husky whisper. The bristles on his unshaved jaw brushed the skin of her shoulder as he drew back, leaving her feeling restless and cold.

He’d already told her to get naked, and she’d instantly obeyed, undressing with record time. It’d felt weird to do this so openly, trusting he would like what he saw.

She shook her head. No, he always did. He got hard just at the sight of her bare body and always had. But now that his body had left hers, she suddenly wondered what she was doing here. This was going to be so unlike what they usually did, she wasn’t sure what had gone through her to ask him that.

“Connor?” she called out, needing to hear him.

“You asked for this, baby. Now grab the headboard, and do not move until I tell you to.”

She reached for the wooden rail and clasped it between tense fingers. Seconds later, hands were on her hips. He tilted her body until she was leaning down, her head pressed against the backs of her hands, her thighs open wide, her ass high in the air.

It was an altogether submissive position, and yet, she had no one but herself to blame. He was right. She’d asked for this.

When his open palm met her ass for the first time, she gasped. Then waited.

He seemed to take her non-reaction as a go-ahead and did it again, to her left butt cheek this time.

He fell into an unhurried rhythm, alternating slaps and slow caresses. Her ass was on fire, but it wasn’t hurting per se. It was the weirdest sensation really.

And then he started talking. “You’re a good little slut, aren’t you?”

She felt her mouth open, ready to blast him for the way he’d just addressed her, and yet, nothing came out. Because she was wet, damn it. She’d always considered herself a feminist, but here she was, letting the man of her life call her names and getting off on it. What was wrong with her?

He thrust a finger deep inside her pussy and groaned. “Fuck, you’re soaking wet. You really like me acting like this, don’t you, baby?”

“Ye-es,” she said, pumping her hips back, trying to make him move his finger. Instead, he slid it back out. She groaned, “Connor!”

She wasn’t sure if he heard her or if he’d already decided what he was going to do because he began tracing her rose a second later. He painted it wet with the juices he’d collected, going back to dip his fingertip inside his pussy for more until she was nearly panting.

When he slid one finger, then two, inside her ass, Felicity held the headboard in both hands and didn’t let go. It hurt. Damn it all to hell, it hurt.

But she hung on and let him play with her, nearly sighing in relief when she felt something press against her clit.

Then whiskers brushed the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, and she jerked when she realized it was his tongue currently taking a very long, slow, detour of her pussy.

“God,” she muttered, closing her eyes at the rush of sensations threatening to overwhelm her.

She focused on that touch, ignoring the fingers scissoring her rose wider. His tongue flicked her clit, exactly the way she liked it. He knew her body by heart now, she thought, knew what to do to make her moan in pleasure.

Except tonight was different, and she should really have realized this sooner. Because what happened next took her completely by surprise. His teeth closed around her left pussy lip and bit.

She swore she nearly jumped out of her skin. Her nails digging into the headboard, she found herself leaning forward, trying to get away from him. His hands clasped her hips and held her still.

“Don’t you dare move,” he growled just before doing the same to her other inner lip.

Felicity looked at the wall in front of her and blinked. This was freaky as hell! Her pussy now pulsed as if it had a life of its own. Her butt cheeks still faintly ached from his earlier spanking. Her ass, now devoid of thick fingers, felt empty.

She didn’t know whether she was coming or going but…she was still wet. “Fuck me,” she murmured.

Of course, her luck being what it was, Connor heard her. “Not yet, little slut. I’m far from finished with you.”

Where the hell did my husband go? she asked herself. What had she unleashed when she’d told him she wanted rough sex for their anniversary? God, I should have just asked for jewelry like any good little wife. Stupid!

“Connor?” she called out, her voice shaky.

He didn’t respond, but she could feel his breath against her butt, moments before he bit the bottom curve of her right cheek.

“Damn it, Con!”

He smacked the palm of his hand against her left butt cheek.

No complaining. Right. Got it. Right. Fuck, that stings!

“I love your ass,” he called out, his voice almost gleeful. “I’m going to fuck the hell out of it now.”

Monday, February 6, 2012

And the good news keep on coming...

Gun Shy is the #1 book at All Romance eBooks. I saw that yesterday and burst into tears!

Do you think that means I can now say I'm a bestselling author? ;)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thank you!

For making Gun Shy an All Romance eBooks bestseller in less than 24h...and for making it #1 in all its categories!

You guys rock! Have I ever told you how much I love you? ;)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Announcing the release of Gun Shy, coming this Wednesday!

Tired of coming back from missions to find their utilities cut off and their house strung with cobwebs, Scott and Drew, fellow SEALs and surveillance experts, decide to rent their spare room to someone who’ll help them take care of things. They need someone they’ll never fall for, however, someone homely and definitely not sexy.

Kristyn seems to be the answer to all their problems. She wears drab clothes, is a junior high teacher and loves gardening. But she’s a lot more than that. As the weeks pass, and she slowly reveals the woman hiding behind the fa├žade she’s carefully built over the years, the two men realize they were very, very wrong.

She’s going to rock their worlds…in more ways than one.