Monday, November 29, 2010

A 2nd win!

'In the Middle' won the 8th Smut Marathon Challenge!

Thanks to all who voted for my story. It's greatly appreciated... Now, let's just hope the next theme isn't too complicated. I'm in the middle of Christmas preparations here!


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Behind Locked Doors 3: Less waiting this time around!

I'm happy to announce that Behind Locked Doors - Book Three will now be published on 7 January! 

It should be available on preorder soon at eXcessica, but until then here's a lil preview for y'all...

When Thursday comes up with a plan to beat the new girl at her own game, she doesn’t realize nothing will ever be the same.
Oh, it works at first. She spends an amazing weekend with Scary, but what starts as a fun way to get her privileges back ends all too soon. When the other Masters point out that he’s keeping her to himself, that he needs to start following his own rules, Scary does something not a single one of them would have ever expected.
It spins everything out of control, and Thursday is left clinging for her sanity…and his love.


It started the next morning as I came down from my room. I knew it was early, too early for anyone else but him. He was spending too much time in the Harem these days, as if he didn’t want to go home. Or couldn’t. I wasn’t too sure which it was, but today it suited my purpose. Spotting him sitting at a table with a coffee cup in hand, I crossed the lounge and automatically knelt in front of him.
Debating inwardly whether to clasp my hands behind my back, I missed his look of wonder. I couldn’t miss his low growl as he asked, “What do you want, Thursday?”
I looked up, our gazes locking together for the first time in what felt like forever. “I want to please you. Master.”
His eyebrows rose. “You do?”
I nodded, feeling my cheeks redden at his suddenly pensive gaze. “Yes, Master.”
“What are you offering?”
I nearly gasped when I realized he’d seen right through my attempt. And yet, he wasn’t moving. I checked out the stretch of denim in front of me and was awarded by the brilliant sight of one very hard cock pushing against the thick material. Yes! My plan was working! I looked back up and said, my voice hesitant, “Anything, Master.”
“Anything?” he repeated, almost daring me to deny my offer.
“Anything you want, Master.”
He stared down at me for a second or two, and then he started laughing. I saw red. I’d put my heart and pride on the line, and the damn man thought it was funny! I grabbed the table and heaved myself upright, turning around with my gaze already on the staircase. I needed to flee, run back to my room and hide under the covers. I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy!
“Don’t.” Fingers grabbed my right hand, effectively stopping my escape. His hard chest cupped my back for a fleeting moment before he turned me around. Harsh fingers palmed my chin as he forced my head up. “Why are you doing this, Thursday?”
I licked my lips as I tried to buy myself some time. “Because I, huh, want to?”
“Want to what?”
Shit! “Mmm, I want to please you, Master, of course.”
He rolled his eyes. “Try again, Thursday. Since when are you so pliant? You told me I could do anything to you.”
“Yes, Master.”
His eyes drilled into mine, as if he was trying to determine what was going on inside my head. Good luck with that one! “Do you really mean that?”
“Yes, Master.” The word rolled off my lips, just like I’d heard Friday do. She treated them all equally, calling them Masters or Sirs each time she spoke up. Or shouted her climax. Fake climax, that is. I could do that too, damn it! I told myself once again, buoying my convictions as best I could.
“Anything I want?”
“Yes, Master.” 
“Okay then,” he paused then added, “prove it.”

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

'One Final Attempt' available for preorder

One Final Attempt is the 3rd story in the Curve Happy series. It'll be released @ eXcessica on 24 December but it's already available for preorder here.

* * * *

Simon said some really hurtful things to his wife, and now she won’t forgive him. She’s even asking for a divorce. A divorce! She won’t talk to him, so he can’t even apologize properly. So, what’s a husband to do?

Reese wakes up the next day to find herself handcuffed to the bed. She has no choice but to listen to him.

Intent on proving to her that he really does love her and her curves, Simon pulls out all the stops. But will it be enough to capture his wife’s heart yet again?

* * * *

Here's a little excerpt for you... I love this book and can't wait for you guys to read it!

Her eyes fluttered open, catching a glimpse of the room she still wasn’t accustomed to. She missed her bed and her old room, she thought as she turned to her side only to be stopped short. “What?” She leaned her head back and gasped when she saw her hands tied to the headboard. Fear spiked inside her, her heartbeat accelerating as she realized she was cuffed to the bed.
“Shhh.” A male voice rang, making her fingers clench around one other. “It’s just me.”
Her head whipped around. “Si?”
“Hey, baby.”
Her eyes flashed when she saw him sitting down in the armchair across the room. “What have you done? Why am I tied up?”
“We need to talk, and you keep ignoring me.”
“So, you thought handcuffing me to the bed was the way to go?” Her voice rose.
He shrugged. “Yup. That way, you can’t run away.”
Un-freaking-believable. “This isn’t funny, Simon. Untie me!”
“No.” He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned back against the soft leather, his gaze moving over her partially covered form. “I like you like that.”
“Oh, so now you like me?”
His eyes closed as if he was in pain. When he opened them again, regret filled his face. “Reese, I never… I never wanted to hurt you. You have to believe me. I l-”
She cut him off, “I don’t care! You’re an adult, Simon. You could have stopped yourself, but you didn’t. You obviously meant what you said. End of the discussion. Now, get those cuffs off!”
“No.” He was already shaking his head. “That’d be too easy. I know you think I’ve been lying to you all these years, but baby I haven’t. I love you, don’t you see?” She snorted but he ignored it. “I do. I guess now’s the time to remind you.”

Monday, November 8, 2010

'Rock with Me' wins the 7th Smut Marathon Challenge!

'Rock with Me' ended up with 21 votes (amazing!) so thank you to everyone who voted. I wasn't even in the country when the results were announced... What a nice welcome back!

Now, on to the next challenge. We're back to 250 words, and I'm hoping I remember how to condense. I already know what I want to write about, which should make things easier (she says!).