Friday, February 26, 2010

Free read: Hello there

“Hello there!”
A chuckle answered me. “What are you on about now?”
“Hey! I resent that. I was just saying hello to him.”

A downward glance followed the direction of my eyes, and his infamous eyebrows lifted. “You’re going to give him a complex if you keep that up.”
“Why’s that?”
“Because you can’t keep staring at him and... and...”
Ah ah, someone was getting flustered there. “And?” I repeated, smirking.
He shot me a glance and wriggled underneath me. “And expect him not to respond!”
“Oh, but that’s fine. I want him to respond. Actually...” I moved my hands up his thighs, raking my nails while I was at it. “I can’t wait.”
“For what?”
I frowned at the interruption and missed the look of amusement that crossed his face. “For him to be ready to play.” I smiled, aware my little girl’s voice had been totally unplanned, but if I may say so, quite a nice touch.
That, combined with the movements of my fingers, decidedly intent on getting a reaction from their prey, had the desired effect. He was changing in front of my eyes. Well... “Hello there!” I repeated, smiling even more widely now.

A groan answered from above and I threw him a glance. “What again?”
“Could you like hurry it up a bit?” His voice sounded quite strained, but hey, I was having fun here! And it’s not like he hadn’t had any since-I looked at the alarm clock on the bed stand and checked the time. Right, at least half an hour. I could take this slow then. Poor man was getting old, he needed time to recuperate. “Oh no.”
“What?” He really had to stop interrupting me like that. I knew that as a modern woman I was supposed to be good at multitasking, but hell, he was making it hard. I giggled at my inward nice choice of words. I looked down, feeling him pulse between my stroking hands. Then I bent down and licked his tip, the teasing caress making him groan.

From my somewhat not too comfortable position, I looked back up at his face, still playfully licking and biting the smooth skin I had in hand. His eyes bore into mine and he tried smiling but failed miserably. “Something wrong, honey?” His hips jerked up and I got the message. “Okay, okay…I’ll stop playing. But I was having fun!” I announced.
In two seconds flat, I found myself on my back, looking up at him. “But…but…damn it!”
He laughed at my amazed face and bent down to kiss me. “My turn to have fun then.” His hands moved to the hem of my shirt and he lifted it off. Staring at my breasts, he grinned and said, “Well, hello there.”


This was a snippet I wrote years and years ago, but I still enjoy its mood. And the dialogue is very... me! :)

Let me know if you'd like more free reads on this new blog of mine, whether they be excerpts from published/to be published books, or original works... I've got it all in stock. And very cheap too. Ah!

List of releases for the year 2010

I have four books out right now (see right sidebar) with eXcessica, and I have a few more coming out this year. Here they are:

(April 19th)

Blurb: Lucy loves her new neighbor. One, because he’s seriously hot; and two, because he leaves his window open while getting himself off. What she doesn’t know however is that Nate can see her too. Every evening, he watches her undress, the blue film covering her window not enough to mask her silhouette. He’s already half in lust with her body and that’s before he knows what she looks like, apart from her round breasts and even rounder ass.

Things accelerate when Nate takes matters into his own hands and invites her to his condo. It was only supposed to be some fun between two consenting adults but suddenly there’s another man with them. A man who’s invited himself to the party and who seems to really enjoy looking at her. Rodrigo likes it even more when he’s touching her, making her lose control in a way she’s never experienced before.

He’s not dupe though. He can see how his best friend is acting with her. There could be something good between these two and he pushes them further and further, until…

(July 19th)

Blurb: Kate finds herself locked up in her apartment building’s laundry room. It’s the middle of the night and there’s a man with her. Which would be the great start of a horror movie, except this is real and thankfully the man isn’t that bad. Actually, he’s quite nice. Oh, and hot. He’s a neighbor she’s seen a few times, the playboy with the golden looks. And as they find themselves sitting increasingly closer in an effort not to freeze to death, hands bump into parts of her body that haven’t been touched in years.

It could have stopped at that: one night of pleasure, albeit in a weird location. Except it doesn’t. Even though she knows Jace has another girlfriend, she still opens her door to him every night. He is addictive. And sometimes, he’s even nice. But what happens when the drama finally takes its toll and she bars her door to him?

(August 30th)

Blurb: Chloe’s boss has gone crazy. She’s been his PA for years and has always known about his wild streak but this beats it all! Now he’s asking her to have sex with him. And why? Because he’s just stopped smoking and he needs to keep busy in order to fight cravings. What the hell, right?

It doesn’t help that she’s been in love with him for years. And as she finds herself unable to say no, she braces herself for the broken heart she’s sure will follow.

What she doesn’t know however is that James has a hidden agenda…

(September 20th)

Blurb: Nick ‘Apollo’ Hamilton has been in love with his best friend’s wife, Mia, for years. He can’t seem to be able to shake off his obsession, his thoughts always going back to that threesome they shared. It’s only when he meets a waitress named Leah that his life takes a brighter outlook. She could be Mia’s twin, after all. How perfect is that?

Things start to unravel when he asks his new girlfriend to spend the weekend with him. When Leah meets her ‘twin’, it’s clear some truths have been left unsaid.

When things are too good to be true, what do you do? Do you make a go for it, knowing you’d always regret it otherwise? What would you do if you knew the man you craved loved another? Would you fight? Would you forgive? Would you… love?

(December 27th)

Blurb: Simon said some really hurtful things to his wife, and now she won’t forgive him. She’s even asking for a divorce. A divorce! She won’t talk to him, so he can’t even apologize properly. So, what’s a husband to do?

Reese wakes up the next day to find herself handcuffed to the bed. She has no choice but to listen to him.

Intent on proving to her that he really does love her and her curves, Simon pulls out all the stops. But will it be enough to capture his wife’s heart yet again?

So here I am...

I've decided to create this writer's blog, except I'm not entirely sure why.

Maybe having my own little space on the web will help inspire me? Who knows! But here I am, and I'm ready for anything you want to throw at me.

I'm laughing at myself right now, because of course I'm talking to myself here, as no one else knows I have this blog yet.

Okay, enough rambling, Em, get back to your WIP! *winks*