Tuesday, October 26, 2010

'One Last Vice' gets 17.5/20 from Seriously Reviewed!

Story: 8.5
Presentation: 9
Total: 17.5

Review: I have to admit, in the beginning I wasn’t feeling the love for James. I found him indulgent and rude. I wanted to smack him. Oh wait I’m reading Emma and yep, her characters will pull real emotions while you’re reading her stories. Chloe surprised me. I think we’ve all been in a place where we do things we normally wouldn’t for love. She’s been in love with James and while he’s asking her for services above and beyond her job description, he’s finally wanting her in the way she’s wanted him. But you also feel her hesitation. To want to give but yet knowing the cost will be too high. About the time I was cheering her for getting strong enough to know she couldn’t give James more, James went off and proved he’s not such a schmuck.

I found the dichotomy in their personalities refreshing. I felt the emotional ups and downs right along with both James and Chloe. Another solid story from Ms. Hillman who has become one of my favorite authors.

... It's official, I love Seriously Reviewed! I found myself grinning when I noticed I'd been upgraded from Ms Hillman to Emma. I don't know the reviewer's name but thank you. I'm very glad I'm becoming one of your favorite authors!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"A delightfully engrossing story" - Whipped Cream reviews Someone Like You

So, here I was, happily reading through the different blog posts on my Google Reader when I saw a picture and went, "Hold on a second. That's my book!" And what a nice surprise it was too!

Thanks to Violet over at Whipped Cream Reviews for the following:

Rating: 4 cherries
Reviewed by Violet
How would you feel if you went to meet your boyfriend’s best friend and his wife and she could be your twin? What if he called you by her name?

This is exactly what happens to Leah in Someone Like You. Leah, a curvaceous college student and waitress, has worshipped ex pro football player Nick Hamilton for years. She’s shocked that he’s interested in her, and not some stick thin model. Nick’s initially attracted to Leah because she looks like his best friend’s wife who he’s been in love with since they shared a ménage-a-trois. Yet he finds something special in Leah he didn’t expect.
I bonded with both Leah and Nick from the start. Leah is more like us than any of us would like to admit. She’s insecure about her weight and thus her body. She’s always dieting and doesn’t believe her fantasy could love her. Nick isn’t a perfect Adonis. He makes mistakes that make him even more loveable. But more importantly, Nick loved Leah just for who she was. He showed her why he loved her and that made Leah love herself.
The plot wasn’t complex, but I was glued to the pages. Ms. Hillman’s guileless voice and superb pacing combined to create a sweet, captivating read. The love scenes were beautiful, but most cut off before actual consummation.
This was the first book I read by Ms. Hillman. Although this was the third book in a series, I followed it well. I think the book might have benefited from a quick prologue that reviewed pertinent information from previous books. My main source of confusion actually came from the fact that this was the third novel in the Ex-Footballer series. In the US we don’t refer to pro-football players as footballers so I thought Ms. Hillman was talking about soccer (what everyone else besides the US calls football). Even with this inconsistency, I enjoyed Someone Like You so much that I will be going back and reading the two previous novels.

If you’re looking for a delightfully engrossing story, Someone Like You is not to be missed.

... "Guileless voice and superb pacing" I like that!
Although I'm going to contact my crit partners asap. Why did no one ever tell me you didn't say ex-footballers? I guess it's a good thing everyone knows I'm not American! 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Good news

I woke up this morning to two new contracts waiting for me in my mailbox:

- Behind Locked Doors - Book Three will be published by eXcessica on 30 September 2011. Thanks to those of you who asked me for more. I have a feeling you're going to like this one!
I'll be doing the cover art as soon as I have some time and will premiere it here.

- The Sum of All, co-authored with Kiki Howell, will be published by eXcessica on 23 September 2011. It's a paranormal erotic romance with ménage elements...and it's damn hot!

Here's the blurb: When a spell goes wrong and two witches find themselves stuck in a house with a plethora of paranormal creatures, tension rises and sparks ignite. A gauntlet is thrown down, a contest is born, rules are drawn up, and soon, the two women are living out the fantasies they’d never thought to have.

Who will be the best? Will jealousy prevail? Or, will they get their hearts snared by one or two of those Alpha males?

Oh, and I'm very proud of my cover art, so here it is too:

Isn't it great?

- Other piece of good news: It's official! I'll be taking part in RT's Book Expo in April 2011 in Los Angeles. I love the Convention and I just know it's going to be tons of fun. And of course, it'll be my first signing so that's bound to be something!
How's that for a Monday morning?!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 1st review is in for Someone Like You!

Someone Like You has everything you expect from an Emma Hillman story. Her characters are flawed, yet find that inner strength to overcome their vulnerabilities. Nick is scrumptious. I loved him in Yes, No Maybe…and Someone Like You reminded me why. But he’s also an ass. Leah is a realist. She believes what she has to offer isn’t good enough for someone like Nick. But there is also something endearing about her. The story will pull at your heart strings, make you want to slap Nick…then turn around and slap Leah. But in the end, they both had tortured themselves enough. Nick has to leave his past and Leah has to make a leap of faith for a future. Love never comes easy and Ms. Hillman brilliantly writes stories that show us characters that aren’t always easy to love, but when the last page is turned, they leave you wanting for more.

... What's funny is that I had said people would want to hit Nick in this story! I just love SR's reviews. They always get me and my books. So damn nice when that happens.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Introducing our newest family member...


She will be 2mo on Friday and is a cross Bernese Mountain Dog/Collie. She is the cutest dog on earth, as these pics will attest. So far, she's been very sweet and obedient. Let's cross our fingers she stays that way!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3rd again

Is it me or am I always 3rd? You can read my story 'Meant to Be' over on the Smut Marathon blog. I liked it a lot, so thanks for those who voted for it.

Next one is due on Oct 17th and will be toys-related. Exciting, right?!

Friday, October 1, 2010

On repeat...

Today, I'd like to share the songs I've been listening to for the past week. They've helped me write that much faster on Behind Locked Doors - Book Three, so a big yeah for musical inspirations!

Every time he sings "From side to side", I go left and right in my seat. Even on the train. Yep, I probably look weird. Ah well!.

- TI feat. Keri Hilson, Got Your Back

I dare you to try not singing along to this song.

- Backstreet Boys, Rebel

It's a B-side so there's no video, but I love hearing new music from my Boys.

- The Saturdays, Higher

I love me some good pop, and The Sats do deliver each time so kudos to them. Cute video too!

- Warren G feat. Nate Dogg, Regulate

Old Skool Rap. I was in love with this song in high school. I just put it back on my iPod and it's still so good. Happy memories!

... So, what have you been listening to this week?