Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 1st review is in for Someone Like You!

Someone Like You has everything you expect from an Emma Hillman story. Her characters are flawed, yet find that inner strength to overcome their vulnerabilities. Nick is scrumptious. I loved him in Yes, No Maybe…and Someone Like You reminded me why. But he’s also an ass. Leah is a realist. She believes what she has to offer isn’t good enough for someone like Nick. But there is also something endearing about her. The story will pull at your heart strings, make you want to slap Nick…then turn around and slap Leah. But in the end, they both had tortured themselves enough. Nick has to leave his past and Leah has to make a leap of faith for a future. Love never comes easy and Ms. Hillman brilliantly writes stories that show us characters that aren’t always easy to love, but when the last page is turned, they leave you wanting for more.

... What's funny is that I had said people would want to hit Nick in this story! I just love SR's reviews. They always get me and my books. So damn nice when that happens.