Thursday, March 22, 2012

Come Play

Erotica for Men

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When Gregory finds his girlfriend Aly waiting for him one evening, naked and with her hand between her thighs, he can't believe his luck. When it happens again a week later--this time with Aly bent over the desk in his study--he figures he's got the best girlfriend in the world!

But even Gregory is shocked at Aly's next surprise. Oh, she's once again naked and eager-but not alone. She's kissing and caressing a woman he's never seen before, a young blonde who's so hot he can't take his eyes off her. When they tell him they've been waiting for him, Gregory's more than ready to...Come Play. 


Gregory rounded a corner and stopped short.
His girlfriend was on the sofa, her gaze intent on the TV in front of her. The sound was turned low, but even if he hadn’t taken a quick look at the screen he’d have known what she was watching right away. The low moans and husky growls were a dead giveaway.
Aly was naked with one hand between her widespread thighs.
His dick twitched, as eager as he was to join her and start having some fun. He should have known she had something planned by the way she’d looked at him this morning. There had been a glint in her eyes when she’d kissed him goodbye, an extra sway to her hips as she’d walked to her car.
He leaned back against the doorjamb and quickly loosened his tie, never taking his eyes off her.
He watched as her left hand came up to pinch her nipple.
She didn’t let go for long seconds, her skin a bright red when she finally slid her palm down. It skimmed the rounded curve of her stomach, brushed the soft strip of curls hiding her pussy from view.
She let out a soft sigh and closed her eyes.
Gregory was thrown back to the night before and how hot and wet she’d felt, how fucking tight she’d been around his pounding cock. She’d screamed her head off too, even biting his shoulder when her climax had hit. It’d felt so amazing, he’d come right there and then.
He glanced at the TV screen and the hardcore movie she was watching. A hot blonde was on her back with her legs wide open, another woman eating her pussy while a man fucked her mouth.
The actress was the stereotypical porn star. Inflated tits, tanned skin, long hair that always got caught everywhere. She wasn’t really his type, but he had to admit she looked fucking sexy. His girlfriend sure seemed to agree.
He caught the movement of her hips from the corner of his eye and turned back to her, only to notice she’d curled two fingers and slid them into her pussy when he wasn’t watching.
He drank in the sight, his palms itching to touch her, to feel how wet she was already. She was obviously waiting for him and yet he couldn’t seem to make himself move and go to her. He wanted to see how far she would take this.
Fuck, just the thought of watching her make herself come was enough to make him sweat.