Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Rough It Up is now available on Kindle and Nook!

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 Animal Urges is now available at All Romance eBooks
(Kindle/Nook to come soon)

Animal Urges is part of Resplendence Publishing's short stories line, Erotic Gems, so it's short and sweet. Hmm, actually no, it's not that sweet. It's very hot though! 

It’s the night before his wedding day and Caleb is going crazy. His animal urges are going haywire and he’s struggling not to shift into his leopard form. He’s standing in the shower in a vain effort to cool off when his fiancée, Jess, finds him. He tries to push her away but she can feel his pain through their mated link and is resolute to help him. When the urge to shift is replaced by something just as physical, only his woman will be able to save him from himself...

Yes, you read that right. Leopards! (They have great physical attributes but you'll have to read it to find out what ;). 
They'll also be featured in a ménage story which will be published by RP in May 2012, titled The Prize. Watch this space for more info!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Introducing Grassroots, my new paranormal trilogy

Rough It Up is the first book in my new Grassroots trilogy and will be released by Resplendence Publishing this Wednesday, 5 October. 
In case the cover didn't give it away, it's a paranormal series with lots of yummy lion shifters. 

Rough It Up (M/F) introduces Jay, the eldest Franks brothers and Alpha-to-be of the Red Rock Pride.
When he meets Alexa, a fellow lion shifter, in an airport lounge of all places, he realizes she's in heat and offers to help.  
Alexa has been a mixie, a half-breed lioness, her whole life and is used to taking care of herself. Even with the lioness inside her urging her to get to know this perfect pure specimen better, she shoots him down. Days later, she has to admit defeat. The mating urge is so strong she’s slowly going crazy. Her lioness relentless, she gives in and calls him. 
When Jay arrives at her apartment, he finds her naked and willing. Too willing. Something is definitely wrong. He just hopes he’ll have time to find out what was done to her before it’s too late…

 Each of the Franks brothers will have his own book: Suck It Up (M/F with some F/F elements) featuring Nathan, or Dr Nate as people call him, will be out on 7 December. 
He's just moved back into town but already sparks are flying with Kellie, the new nurse working for him. He's usually the most easy-going lion in the Pride, but she's getting under his skin and he hates it!

Live It Up (M/F with some BDSM elements), scheduled to be released on 7 March 2012, will be Andy's story. He's the Pride's Enforcer, so prepare for some chaotic moments...especially once he realizes his lion wants to mate with Sunny, the one woman he cannot have.