Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Romance Studio reviews One Final Attempt

I'm back from vacation (nooo!). I had an amazing time, both at RT and on our road trip. I wish I could have stayed there, but it's back to the daily grind for me! 

I will be posting new reviews this week, starting today from my first ever from The Romance Studio.

Simon's words have hurt Reese for the last time and she's taking action that will change them both forever. Reese refuses to listen and Simon can't bare it any longer. Can hurtful words and things left unsaid tear Simon and Reese forever apart? When Reese awakens to find herself handcuffed to her bed, she is forced to hear what Simon has to say, isn't she? Consumed in displaying his love for Reese, will Simon go too far? Just how far will Simon go to conquer Reese's heart forever? 

This is the first of Emma Hillman's novels that I have read and I found it simply wonderful. Ms. Hillman transports the reader into the thoughts of both characters to experience their individual angst and personal torment. No relations persist without conflict, but when the failure to communicate clearly builds resentment and misunderstanding, what is a person suppose to do? Simon's handiwork is clear when Reese awakens to find her wrists handcuffed to her bed. The turmoil within each of them leads the reader into their individual perceptions of how they wish to end their pain. Simon has a mission, and what journey he embarks upon is both touching and revealing to not only the characters, but the reader as well. What length will Simon go to illustrate his deep love for Reese. Simon has his heart set on reaching Reese's inner self, and will do whatever he has to. I especially appreciate Ms. Hillman's characterization of Reese and Simon. Perceptions of oneself is deceptive and unforgiving at times. I love the imagery in the description of Reese. Reese is like so many women who are simply are what they are. She uses what every woman perceives about themselves and those insecurities. I truly loved this story for its depth of love and human foibles. I have definitely put Emma Hillman on must read list, and I am eager to read the rest of her work. 

Warnings: This title contains graphic language, light bondage, toy and anal play. 

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit
Reviewer: Pomma J.

... Thanks a lot to Pomma for this amazing review. When I wrote One Final Attempt, I knew it was somewhat different than my previous books, and yet I couldn't help but want to delve more into the characters' emotions. It's not a happy-happy book, but it's real and I'm glad the reviewer saw that.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm flying away...

I will be away for the next two weeks, first in Los Angeles for the RT Convention.

If you're in the vicinity, I will be signing at the Expo on Friday, April 8, 4:00 - 6:00 pm. I shall be easy to find... I'll be the one with the Eiffel Tower! :)

The 2nd week, I'll be road-tripping: up to San Francisco then back down along the coast before flying back out to Paris on the 15th. HOLIDAYS! I cannot wait. 

If you want to follow my upcoming adventures or check what I'm up to, I'll be on Twitter probably 24/7 (@droptheglasses).

See you on the other side!