Friday, February 26, 2010

Free read: Hello there

“Hello there!”
A chuckle answered me. “What are you on about now?”
“Hey! I resent that. I was just saying hello to him.”

A downward glance followed the direction of my eyes, and his infamous eyebrows lifted. “You’re going to give him a complex if you keep that up.”
“Why’s that?”
“Because you can’t keep staring at him and... and...”
Ah ah, someone was getting flustered there. “And?” I repeated, smirking.
He shot me a glance and wriggled underneath me. “And expect him not to respond!”
“Oh, but that’s fine. I want him to respond. Actually...” I moved my hands up his thighs, raking my nails while I was at it. “I can’t wait.”
“For what?”
I frowned at the interruption and missed the look of amusement that crossed his face. “For him to be ready to play.” I smiled, aware my little girl’s voice had been totally unplanned, but if I may say so, quite a nice touch.
That, combined with the movements of my fingers, decidedly intent on getting a reaction from their prey, had the desired effect. He was changing in front of my eyes. Well... “Hello there!” I repeated, smiling even more widely now.

A groan answered from above and I threw him a glance. “What again?”
“Could you like hurry it up a bit?” His voice sounded quite strained, but hey, I was having fun here! And it’s not like he hadn’t had any since-I looked at the alarm clock on the bed stand and checked the time. Right, at least half an hour. I could take this slow then. Poor man was getting old, he needed time to recuperate. “Oh no.”
“What?” He really had to stop interrupting me like that. I knew that as a modern woman I was supposed to be good at multitasking, but hell, he was making it hard. I giggled at my inward nice choice of words. I looked down, feeling him pulse between my stroking hands. Then I bent down and licked his tip, the teasing caress making him groan.

From my somewhat not too comfortable position, I looked back up at his face, still playfully licking and biting the smooth skin I had in hand. His eyes bore into mine and he tried smiling but failed miserably. “Something wrong, honey?” His hips jerked up and I got the message. “Okay, okay…I’ll stop playing. But I was having fun!” I announced.
In two seconds flat, I found myself on my back, looking up at him. “But…but…damn it!”
He laughed at my amazed face and bent down to kiss me. “My turn to have fun then.” His hands moved to the hem of my shirt and he lifted it off. Staring at my breasts, he grinned and said, “Well, hello there.”


This was a snippet I wrote years and years ago, but I still enjoy its mood. And the dialogue is very... me! :)

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