Monday, January 17, 2011

"A fantastic story" - New review for Man Frame

Rating: You Gotta Read (Highest rating)
Reviewer: Lupa

Peeping toms were never so sexy.

Man Frame is a fantastic story about passion and discovery.

Lucy has a secret, she has been watching a man in the building next to hers at night. Little does she know he is watching her too and she is about to be introduced to a wild, wet and sexy new world.

Filled with scorching hot erotic scenes, sweet and sexy characters, and a fun storyline - Man Frame is a great read.

I have to admit that there were scenes in this erotic adventure that had me contemplating a cold shower.

Man Frame is a story that I not only recommend but it is also one that I will read to my companion as we curl up to snuggle one night.

Emma Hillman has created a fantastic story that is sure to warm up any cold night.

... So cool to stumble upon a new review of Man Frame when it was released in April 2010. Thanks Lupa for the fun review and great rating!