Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm a Coming Soon!

You know your family rocks when you suddenly look up from your phone as you're all sitting in the car and yell "SEPTEMBER 7TH!!!" and they all understand what you're talking about without even you needing to explain.

So it's official. Finally His, my first Ellora's Cave novella, will be published on 7 September. Yup, that's scarily soon. And yet, I can't wait.

Which is probably why the next time I had Internet on my phone, I shouted again... So what if we were at a restaurant? It was amazing news. "I'M A COMING SOON!!!" I yelled then showed the page to everyone. It was real, people!
Okay so now my mom calls me 'Coming Soon' (as in "How's my Coming Soon today?") but that's a small price to pay :)

7 September! I start work again on the 5th after 3 weeks of holidays, and bang, another release. I'm a lil busy bee, what can I say? And don't you just love the cover? It's perfect! That's exactly Nick, the hero. So dang happy. *sigh*