Monday, September 12, 2011

1st review for Drunk and Disorderly

What do you do when you are in a strange place for the night and can’t sleep? Well, if you are Sara and her friends and orgasm is the perfect nightcap. Arrested for being Drunk and Disorderly, this group can’t help but have a little fun while spending the night in jail.

Sara is more shy than her friends, but when she can’t fall asleep her friend Melanie decides to help by suggesting she have an orgasm. Shocked, Sara isn’t sure that’s wise, but with a little help from her friends it works. Now, she hopes that no one at the station heard them. But, is anyone really that lucky? Sara is a fun character. She is realistic in a lot of her actions, even if she is a tad impetuous.

Sexy deputy, Sean, saw everything though and isn’t going to let Sara getaway so easily. Telling her that the police station has cameras gets her to go out with him. Sara will do anything to get that tape before anyone sees it. Sean intends to take her up on that offer. He has a lot of plans for Sara and they don’t involve being a gentleman.

Drunk and Disorderly was a fun and very quick read. They characters are funny and down to earth, for the most part. I would say that Drunk and Disorderly is the perfect little read if you are looking for something sexy and hot, but only have a short attention span or just need to fill a quick need.

...Thanks Sizzling Hot Book Reviews for this review! 

Drunk and Disorderly is part of Resplendence Publishing's new line of short stories, Erotic Gems, and the first of several I wrote for them. Next will be Animal Urges, out on 12 October, featuring a sexy shifter and his mate having some fun in the shower.