Friday, November 4, 2011

New cover: Suck It Up (Grassroots #2)

Suck It Up
Grassroots #2 

Paranormal / Shape-shifter (Lion) / Interracial

7 December 2011 
Resplendence Publishing

When newcomer Kellie asks Nate for help in controlling her lioness, he should have known things would go wrong. After all she might be the new nurse working for him but there's definitely something off with her. Things quickly spin out of control and they find themselves mated. 
Between his father’s anger and someone intent on destroying their new-found relationship, it will be up to Nate to keep them alive. But at what cost?


Aleiona said...

I'm in love with RP covers... don't know which one I do prefer.

Emma Hillman said...

I think I prefer this one so far :) The couple looks great and the colors are amazing.