Friday, December 2, 2011

Grassroots: Announcing 3 more books in the series (*spoilers*)

I'm happy to say that my publisher, Resplendence Publishing, has agreed to release 3 more books in my Grassroots series over 2012. I'm not even sure if the series will stop there or not. I guess it'll depend if there are other lions who want to come out and play ;)


The series is loosely divided into two with the first three books (Rough It Up, Suck It Up and Live It Up) featuring the Pride Alpha's three sons, respectively Jay, Nate and Andy. 

The next trilogy will be around the recruitment process put into place by Andy to replace him as the Pride Enforcer. Each book (Turn It Up, Heat It Up and Mix It Up) will be a different genre, respectively MM, FF and MFM. Yes, I do like to challenge myself!

You will still see the other members of the Pride however so every book will be interconnected in a way. I have a big surprise twist in store for Heat It Up and I can't wait to see everyone's reaction!

Here's a bit more information on all the books, including the ones that are already published (or soon to be!). The blurbs will probably be tweaked over the coming months as I start writing, but I'll be sure to keep you updated...

Rough It Up – 5 October 2011

Alexa has been a mixie, a half-breed lioness, her whole life and is used to taking care of herself. So when she meets fellow shifter, Jay, in an airport lounge and he notices she’s in heat, she’s taken aback when he offers his help. Even with the lioness inside her urging her to get to know this perfect pure specimen better, she shoots him down.   
Days later, she has to admit defeat. The mating urge is so strong she’s slowly going crazy. Her lioness relentless, she gives in and calls him.

When he arrives at her apartment, he finds her naked and willing. Too willing. Something is definitely wrong. He just hopes he’ll have time to find out what was done to her before it’s too late…

Suck It Up – 7 December 2011

Nate, or Dr Franks as everyone knows him, used to be the Pride’s most easy-going lion. All it took was for him to take over the town’s practice and the arrival of the new nurse, Kellie, for his good humor to leave out the window. He might even start believing the rumor that she’s been transferred from another Pride because they couldn’t deal with her anymore.

Kellie might not like Dr Franks much, well apart from the way he looks, but she knows one thing: he might be her last solution if she wants to learn how to control her lioness. The duality between her animal’s needs and her own is driving her crazy.

When Nate learns what happened in her old Pride and why, he sees red and decides to help her. Her lioness is so strong he has to take drastic measures, and they end up mated. Between his father’s anger and someone intent on destroying their new-found relationship, it will be up to Nate to keep them alive…but at what cost?

Live It Up – 7 March 2012

Andy, the Red Rock Alpha’s second son, is the Pride’s Enforcer and does his job well. Maybe even too well. He’s forgotten what it is to have fun, to just live in the moment. 

Sunny is on the road trip of her life. She’s driving around the US in search of herself, trying to figure out what she wants to do with herself now that her hippie parents are gone. When she spots a woman stranded on the side of the road, she agrees to take her to the nearest town. It doesn’t take her long to realize Mary’s crazy.

Andy’s been after Mary for days. When he rescues the human female she's kidnapped, he finds himself entangled with someone completely opposite to who he should be lusting over. Sunny rocks his world in more ways than one. But he's got secrets, the kind of secrets that could change everything...

Turn It Up – 16 May 2012 

Now that Andy is mated, his father the Alpha asks him to recruit and train new Enforcers to replace him within the Pride structure.

Damian and Chad jump at the chance. They've spent their entire lives competing against each other, both yearning to be the best at everything. And while they both have different reasons for wanting to become the new Pride Enforcer, they will stop at nothing to get this dream status. 

As they start to train, it doesn't take them long to realize something is going on. Instead of fighting as usual, their lions are pushing them toward each other. The sexual tension is so high they can barely keep their hands off one another.
What do you do when you feel yourself falling in love for your mortal enemy? Do you run? Do you lie down and accept the inevitable? Or do you fight it as best you can? If you're Damian and do all three.

Heat It Up – 11 July 2012

Dani, a young lioness, is turned down from the Enforcer recruitment process because Andy doesn't think she has what it takes. She flees into the town’s neighboring woods and ends up following a strange scent. She’s so aggravated she isn’t careful and hurts herself. 

She’s rescued by an older woman, Lara, who has a secret so huge it could destroy the Pride and its foundations.

As feelings grow between the two women, Dani will have to decide what she wants more: a happy future for herself or for the Pride she grew up in.

Mix It Up – 5 September 2012

It’s the final stage in the Enforcer recruitment process. A group of three young shifters is sent to the mountains for their final test. Kyle, Jesse and Amy will have to spend a week on their own and survive with nothing. This should be really easy. After all they’re lions and eager to prove to Andy that they’ve got what it takes.

But when Amy goes into heat for the first time their second day in the wild, it screws all their carefully laid-out plans. Kyle and Jesse have two choices: either they fight each other for the right to mate with her, or they do it as a team.