Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Come Play has a release date!

Come Play is to be released on 16 March as part of the new Ellora's Cave line of erotica for men, EC for Men. This will be my first piece written specifically for guys, so I'm quite eager to see what people think. 

Writing it has been a lot of fun though. It's definitely different writing from a guy's POV but also quite liberating. 

As you can see from the blurb, it's seriously hot too!

When Gregory finds his girlfriend Aly waiting for him one evening, naked and with her hand between her thighs, he can’t believe his luck. When it happens again one week later and he finds her in the study, bent over his desk wearing a tiny plaid skirt, he figures he’s got the best girlfriend in the world.

But even he is shocked at Aly’s next surprise. Oh she’s naked and eager as always, but she’s also not alone. She’s kissing and caressing a woman he’s never seen before, a young blonde who looks so hot he can’t take his eyes off her. When they tell him they’ve been waiting for him, he’s more than ready to play…one more time.

Now I just need to find how/where to promote it. Any suggestions welcome!