Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Turn It Up

It's finally here! Turn It Up, Book 4 of the Grassroots series, and my first m/m, is out today!

When Andy, the Pride Enforcer, sends out a call for new Lieutenants, he doesn't expect so many young lions to respond. Especially not Damian and Chad who've spent their whole lives competing against one other. They both yearn to be the best at everything, and while they have different reasons for wanting to be a Lieutenant, they will stop at nothing to get this dream status.

Damian and Chad are shocked when the Enforcer puts them on the same team. They have to live together, train together, and the more time they spend together the less they can ignore what they've both been fighting for over the past few months: their lions are attracted to each other. They keep pushing them together, sexual tension running higher than ever.

What do you do when you feel yourself falling in love for your mortal enemy? Do you run? Do you lie down and accept the inevitable? Or do you fight it as best you can? If you're Damian and do all three.

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Turn It Up will be followed by Heat It Up (f/f) and Mix It Up (m/f/m). This trilogy will more or less take place during the same period of time and will be linked, plot-wise. It's a bit tricky to write but I hope you'll like it!


Dorothy said...

Wow this is my first time here in your blog and when I saw the book I dont know how to react, honestly...i think its pretty interesting though! :)

Goddess Athena said...

Love turn it up! These dudes are smoking hot you should definetly keep writing m/m romances. Love it.