Tuesday, April 13, 2010

And another review for BLD2

I stumbled upon this by pure chance (I was uploading a new book to my Author's Page), so here is a review for Behind Locked Doors - Book Two by Manic Readers:

Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Claudia Rhyes

Review: Thursday finds herself pleasuring all of her Masters, despite her desire not to do just that. Being one of many women in a harem, she hates the way her body can come alive under the right hands. When she finds herself being treated kindly by Scary, being given pleasure instead of giving it, she doesn’t know what’s happening or if she should hate her traitorous body. As adamant as she is to not sleep with woman or participate in group sex, Thursday finds herself thrown into a situation that just may be her downfall. To top it off, how would she feel if Scary no long wanted her?

Behind Locked Doors 2 is packed full of hot sex, drama, and good old-fashioned jealousy. I can't deny, the way Scary shows off his dominant side is something that really toped the book off for me. I related to Thursday and her need to distance herself at times. Although I found this book very interesting, I didn't know how I felt about some of the one-sided sex scenes. You know Thursday didn't like the sex at certain times, just doing it to appease her Masters. It put a slight damper on the story, but overall this was a good book and very worth the read. This is the second book in the Behind Locked Doors series, and before you start this story I would suggest reading the first one. The ending left the story open for another book, and now I am anticipating the third installment in this very promising series! Well done Ms. Hillman!

... Scary strikes again! About the "one-sided sex scenes", I would like to explain: Thursday found herself locked up in the Harem, and while the Masters are not all bad, she has never wanted to be stuck in that position. It is not a rosy world, and I don't think making her happy all the time would have been very believable. Hence why sometimes she does things that she wouldn't necessarily accept in the outside world.