Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Man Frame's first ratings/stats

Man Frame is selling, and it looks like it's selling well. While that is always good news, I'm even more pleased with its first ratings.

So far, the book has been out one week, but I hadn't seen one rating or review, and I was getting worried about whether people liked it or not.

But not any longer! On Fictionwise, it now has 3 Great ratings and 1 Good. That's the best I've had with my releases so far, so I'm chuffed :)
It's also on the Bestsellers Lists: #7 on Ménage/Erotica and #2 for eXcessica releases. Woot!

On with that amazing list... At My Bookstore & More, Man Frame is currently #2 on the Erotica Bestsellers List!

Knowing that it's now #1 of my current releases at All Romance eBooks, and I guess I can now safely wait for numbers, and most importantly, reviews. That makes up for the bad news I had this weekend. Ah!