Monday, May 10, 2010

Staying true to the name of this blog.

I work on several manuscripts at once. I'm not entirely sure why I do, but this is how I've always worked, so I keep at it. I'm the same when I read books. I always have a few on the go at once: one for my commute, one for bedtime, etc..

Anyhow, I thought I'd do a post recapping all my current WIPs. And there's quite a few of them! In chronological order from the date I started them:

- The Quest for Sex: Romantic Comedy / Erotica / Rubenesque / Sci-Fi (3,393 words)
- Right Between The Eyes: Contemporary Romance / Drama (46,481 words)
- Treat Me Right (Rodrigo's story - sequel to Man Frame): Erotica / Rubenesque (5,480 words)
- A Box Full (Curve Happy Series): Erotica / Rubenesque / IR (6,399 words)
- Behind Locked Doors - Book Three: Erotica / BDSM (1,451 words)
- Hired (sequel to Marked): Erotica / Paranormal / Rubenesque (6,661 words)

The ones that are finished but need editing:

- Marked: Erotica / Paranormal / BDSM (38,967 words)
- Horny Rabbits: Erotica / Ménage (88,139 words)

And there's also a few here and there that I started because I had the premise in mind...and left at that, because I seriously have too many books on the go, people!

I guess I'll never have to worry about finding something to write!