Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes, No, Maybe - Winner of the 2010 Seriously Unforgettable Award

Yes, No, Maybe is one of the ten best novels of the past year, according to Seriously Reviewed!

How amazing is that??

Here's what they'd said on the book, back in January:

I hardly know what to brag about first. The deeply personal way you get to know the characters, the palpable tension of the plot, the intensity of the sex or the heart-wrenching ache you feel at the points in the story where your emotions are twisted and played with.

Mia is shy, hesitant and questions her sexual appeal in a way I think all women can relate with. She’s married to a totally hot man and worries a thinner more adventurous woman would suit him better. I loved how her insecurities weren’t really brought to light until Kevin pointed them out. While he thinks he’s helping her become sexy and secure with her full figure, he’s actually making her feel inadequate. And still, I loved Kevin and his good intentions. What started out as a bit of fun becomes complicated, emotional and threatens their relationship. There is hot sex including a ménage scene to make you squirm. Oh and expect to fall in love with Nick. He’s as scrumptious as Kevin.

The story is impossible to put down. Each turn of the page took me deeper into their lives. There were moments that I feared for Mia and times I was sure Kevin was going to fail her. But in the end, their love was the strong force and helped them to rediscover what they needed from each other.

Thank you so much, Seriously Reviewed!