Monday, August 30, 2010

And another review for A Thin Line (Woot!)

My first ever review from Two Lips Reviews:

Reviewer: Kiki
Rating: 4.5 Kisses

Kate never dreamed that a 3:00 a.m. trip to her apartment building laundry room would awaken the bad girl in her. She has a job interview in the morning and has remembered that she has nothing to wear. Kate gathers a few things and heads downstairs. It is there that she meets Jace. By accident, the door locks behind him as he enters the room and the lights go out. They are stuck until someone comes along and lets them out in the morning. Jace and Kate start talking and getting to know one another as a way to pass the time. As the night progresses, the room gets terribly chilly and they inch closer and closer to each other in an attempt to stay warm. Then, the inevitable happens. Kate, giving into Jace’s suggestion for keeping warm, has a night of mind-blowing sex with him in dark.

For the next couple of months, Jace and Kate have a strictly sexual relationship and she settles for this. Eventually, she realizes that she is walking a thin line between having pride and dignity for herself, and being used as someone’s plaything and doormat. She knows she deserves something better. To make matters worse, Jace already has a girlfriend, who is willowy thin and comes from a very wealthy and powerful family. In a gutsy move, she decides to cut Jace off and be better to herself. She is determined to move on. Too bad Jace is finding it very hard to do the same.

I found A Thin Line to be extremely sexy and entertaining. The love scenes are so well-written that they leave you breathless. Aside from the great physical moments, you can’t help but be taken in by the story that is unfurling before you. There is real substance here. Ms. Hillman does an excellent job in showing the transformation of Kate from a not-so-thin woman with a very unhealthy self-image, into someone who believes she is worth more and deserves better. I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who is in the mood for a sexy, love story. You should be warned though, that you will be walking a thin line between steamy and down-right combustible.
... Did you see that? I leave people breathless!