Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ouch & Bye for now!

I was going to post links today, both for It Started With A Kiss and A Thin Line, but I fell down on Monday evening, hit my tailbone and now I can barely sit. All this to say that as I'm typing this, I'm also in pain (yeah for Nurofen Plus!) sooo... to cut this short, thank you for everyone who's buying my books.
A Thin Line seems to be doing very well and I love that people are getting Jace.

As for ISWAK, I don't know if people are gonna buy it but if you do, have fun! It's a romance story with a big twist and there's a lot of angst (and revenge...oooh!). I know some of you have already read it but feel free to buy it and read it again (I did change a few things!).

I'll be away on holidays for the next three weeks so I probably won't post on here. I'll try to check Twitter and my email though, so feel free to drop me a line.

Holidays, here I come!