Thursday, September 23, 2010

NOR reviews One Last Vice

Short but nice review for One Last Vice over at Night Owl Reviews:

4.25/5 - Reviewed by: Ursshebear

"One Last Vice," by Emma Hillman is a cute short story. Imagine falling in love with an employee and that employee not noticing your flirtations or attempts at being more than just friends. Though James' attempts at getting her attention are a bit much and Chloe's reaction a bit hokey, I found the story still delightful to read. I will definitely look for other stories written by Emma because I enjoyed her writing style.

... While I found it funny that delightful and hokey could be in the same sentence, it's still a cute review. And 4.25 is very nice, thank you!
Now, if only someone would review Someone Like You so I could be sure people liked it...