Thursday, March 24, 2011

Release of Marked (The Recruits - Book One)

Friday 25 March will see the release of Marked (Book One of The Recruits).

As this is my first foray into the paranormal genre, I have to admit I'm a bit panicky about it all. The book is seriously hot (the warning mentions graphic language, BDSM, f/f and ménage elements, toy play and anal play/sex!) and I love it, but I guess I can't help but worry readers won't like it. 

And because I can't wait anymore, here's a lil preview for you:

It was time.
Jake tilted his head up, closing his eyes as the sun bathed his skin with warmth. He luxuriated in the feeling, until thoughts started whirling inside his mind once more.
It was time to speed things up; his people were waiting for him after all. Impatience burned bright inside him. He wanted to take her, here and now. He wanted to make her his. Never before had he felt so out of control with a potential Mate. Of course, never before had his Recruiter’s choice been so…perfect.
He opened his eyes and watched her cross the garden, stopping every once in a while to collect their empty beer bottles. She was so unlike his former conquests in appearance, and yet, the more he looked at her, the more he wanted her. He wanted to feel her curves under his hands, her body under his. He wanted to fall inside her, and never let go.
He shook his head at his stupidity. He had his position of First Man to uphold. He couldn’t dally, or take the time needed to seduce her properly. Instead he would need to be harsh; he would need to ply her senses and make her fall for him. There was no other option. His men had told him the compound was once more growing restless, John back at his usual tricks. God but he hated the damn man! He should have killed him last time, and damn the ones who’d stopped him.
Grabbing his latest bottle, he gulped it down and slammed it onto the nearest table. The other couple looked at him in silence. They knew what was going to happen; they knew their roles in his plan well. With a nod, he drew up to his six–foot–four height and squared his shoulders. Here we go… With a resolute stride, he followed his prey into the house, the alcohol coursing through his veins never once making him stumble.
But then he was an Immortal, and not many things could faze him. Except…except maybe the woman who would become his Mate. 
It was time.
... Stay tuned as I'll be back tomorrow with the first chapter of Marked!


♫♥LovLivLife Reviews♥♫ said...

Congrats and happy Release on this newest title!!=)

Emma Hillman said...

Thank you! Hope you'll like it :)