Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another review for Behind Locked Doors!

Seriously Reviewed gave 17.5/20 to Behind Locked Doors - Book Two last month, and the reviewer mentioned that it would have been better if she'd read the first book in the series.
I couldn't help then but send her a .pdf version of the book. I wanted her to understand how the series had started and what had happened, etc. etc..

Lo and behold, I got an email weeks later with a link and a review! I hadn't expected one, but it was very nice of her. So here it is:

Story: 9
Presentation: 9
Total: 18 

Review: Thank You, Emma! Behind Locked Doors is one of those stories that draws you in and holds you hostage. Hmmm, sort of like the main character, Thursday. Damn, this story was just so deviously fun. 4 Masters, all of which had disturbing yet appealing qualities, twisted into a weirdly unique D/s relationship with Thursday. As a reader if you like BDSM – great, this story has it. Tenderness with control – yep, you get that too. Oh Scary, (who you will fall in love with in Behind Locked Doors 2 – read the review here) is just wickedly perfect. Everything in this story was perfectly balanced. Thursday isn’t happy to find herself obligated to a 6 month stay in a harem. She’s signed a contract but maybe she can be just troublesome enough that she’ll be more work than she’s worth. Her stubbornness only serves to spike the interest of the 4 and she becomes a challenge to break. Who can make her come? Blondy, Scary, Freaky, or Shorty? Read the book and find out. You won’t be disappointed.

... I love how she describes Scary as wickedly perfect!