Friday, February 25, 2011

"Thoroughly satisfying" - 1st review for Behind Locked Doors 3

Reviewer: Claudia Rhyes 
Rating: 4 stars

Behind Locked Doors 3 is the third book in this series by Emma Hillman. "Thursday" a nickname her masters have given her is still in the harem. Her punishment for disobeying her masters has made her the black sheep of the bunch and has promised her no sexual activity. She decides she has had enough of the silent treatment and decides to give Scarey, one of her masters that she cares deeply for, anything he wants. The only problem is Scarey plans making her hold onto her end of the bargain.

I reviewed the second book and while it kept my interest it was just okay. This book however kept my interest, made the pages hotter than heck, and had a really great plot! I loved how Scarey and Thursday's relationship evolved (I won't go into details because that would ruin the story) but it was thoroughly satisfying. I really hope Miss Hillman continues on with this series as there are more characters I would like to read about (hint hint). I would suggest reading the first two books in the series because if you don't you will definitely be confused. Great story which makes me want to read more by this author!

... I'm happy to finally see a review for BLD3 so thanks Manic Readers and Claudia for this. I'm very intrigued by the comment about my adding more books to this series. I was actually of two minds with this. I do have an idea what to write next, but my question now is: which other characters would you like to read about? The other Masters? Which ones in particular? 
After all, the BLD series is written in 1st person with Thursday as the heroine, so it would be a huge step to change the POV so radically! Mind you, a new heroine could be fun. Same setting, same Masters, new girl in the Harem? Yea or nay?